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True Testimonials

Wabanoonkwe has given a full set of eyelashes to me. They were amazing! I got so many compliments on everything! The experience was great and I enjoyed every step of it.

I highly recommend her for makeup, photo shoots, etc! She is a true artist and a master of many talents.

Tashna Hicks

Wabanoonkwe did my makeup for DC Swim week and it was absolutely fantastic! She is an amazing artist and a great character to converse with! I definitely recommend her for your projects!

Aiden Kwong Lui

I recommend wabanoonkwe for all your beauty needs and wants. She also does motivational speaking and has a beautiful soul. She did a presentation for our shoal lake 40 community youth regarding bullying last year. The youth,education staff, and myself were touched deeply about her story, tips of how to overcome it and inspirational stories related to bullying. Till this day I hear some of the youth referencing vital points from her presentation that day. I would strongly recommend her as a motivational speaker, Professional MUA, and as a strong mentor.

Starla Redsky

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