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History and Purpose

We are a 100% Owned and Operated Female Indigenous business with 31 yrs of experience. We take pride in merging todays trends with a unique hint of our traditional designs of intricate custom beadwork, quillwork and tailored sewing.


I grew up on a northern Indigenous Reservation in Ontario Canada where our families lived off the land. I was blessed to be raised in an organic environment completely submerged with traditional practices backed by language. We live in a world where scheduled meetings on zoom calls and did NOT dictate our calendar, our paths were in sync with Mother Earth and her agenda. Our timelines are determined by the change of season, that's when we prepare for our outdoor hunt and harvest. This part of my childhood has been the motivator to many of the designs.  You'll see a range of natural items from, antler, rawhide, leather, horse hair, porcupine, sweetgrass, birchbark and shell. I truly enjoy embracing the usage of these products, not only does it warm my heart with fond memories of my childhood, but it adds a unique custom design unknown to most of the world. Offering the true authentic experience is one that is no one can buy on Amazon or by any mass produced company. What I am able to gift to the world is my knowledge and I pray that even when I am gone, my legacy will remain.......


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